Construct is the first and last area of the original Video Game Caper (Original Garry's Mod version) and Video Game Caper: Origins.

Construct / gm_construct
Location Info
Game Video Game Caper (GMod)
Video Game Caper 2
Video Game Caper: Origins
Music Airship (RPG Maker VX) (GMod, VGC:O)
Scene2 (RPG Maker VX)(VGC2, VGCO1.3+)

Construct in Video Game Caper, Version .

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In both the original Video Game Caper and Video Game Caper: Origins, the ice blocks (VGC1) and the crates (VGCO) disappear when Odessa and EnCLaVe disconnect from the game.

Construct is actually the second area ever designed in an RPG Maker piece of software by Sam, with the first being gm_flatgrass, which only appeared at the very end of VGC1 2010, although flatgrass does not appear in the VGC: 1.3 port of VGC1 2010. Construct was the first map remade for Video Game Caper: Origins.