Darla is a character who sells cheats to the player, whose true appearence is mostly unknown. Her true appearence is only known fully by Doran (brother) and Constance (mother).

In-game, she is not an important character whatsoever, except for the fact that she is a part of Doran's past, and is the person that Doran has been searching for for a very long time. Being that her appearence is unknown to Doran, Doran has never been able to find his sister.

Darla's theme is a variation on the Doran's Shop theme. 

Darla is placed in areas where she is either difficult to find, or requires some sort of sequential code entry to discover. She appears in Video Game Caper: Origins, (by interacting with Garry 50 times, giving you the Darlicious Helmet, then equipping the Darlicious Helmet and interacting with Garry again) yet she does not sell any sort of cheats (mostly due to the fact that the game is so short, although Pocket Doran is unused and in the game's files, even in the latest version)

Cheats Darla may sell could include:

- Invulnerability - The player never takes damage.

- Fast Walk - The player walks faster.

- Color Changer - Changes the color of the player.

- Remover - Removes events.

- Save - Save anywhere, anytime.

- Ghost - The player can pass through walls.

- Pocket Doran - The player can shop from Doran at any time, for a reduced price.

- Pocket Darla - The player can shop from Darla at any time, at the same price.

- Money - The player receives 50,000 of whatever currency the game uses.