Drink Wishes is a series of videos where Sam and Tim review various drinks. It is currently on Season 2.

Episode List

Drink Wishes - Pilot

S00E01: Pilot - Part 1

S00E02: Pilot - Part 2

Drink Wishes - Season 1

S01E01: Grape Kool Aid

S01E03: Tap Water

S01E04: Iced Coffee

S01E05: Guaranteed Value

S01E06: Mythbusters

S01E07: Starbucks Bottled Iced Coffee

S01E08: Sunny D

S01E09: Orange Hawaiian Punch Stuff and Tostitos

S01E10: Walmart Special

S01E11: Mtn. Dew LiveWire

S01E12: Muscle Monster & Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn

S01E13: RC Cola and Vernor's

S01E14: Choco Taco

S01E15: After Burger King Eating Challenge Special

S01E16: San Pellegrino's

S01E17: Season 1 Finale

S01E18: Clip Show

Drink Wishes: Season 2

S02E01: Season 2 Kickoff

Drink Wishes: Late Nite - Season 1

S01E01: neuroSleep

S01E01: neuroSleep Part 2

S01E02: Dewshine

S01E03: Special Sirloins

S01E04: Herr's Sweet Corn Chips

S01E05: Super Mario Connect Four

S01E06: Brown Paper Bag Special

S01E07: Stunt Vid 4 Special

Drink Wishes Live

S01E01: Spirit Halloween Special