Jollae is the second unlockable character in Over All, and one of the very few mandatory unlocks in the game. She runs into Mr. D . in World 1 level 4 or 5, where she is immediately taken by him.

She has big eyes, whiskers, and cat ears and fangs, and is shaped very similarly to Mr. D. She is very shy around Mr. D. and is extremely sensitive about her ears, as she finds them unsightly (although Mr. D. finds them cute).

When Mr. D. is injured in World 10 and is knocked unconscious, it is Jollae who takes it upon herself to take a detour into Amber's Kingdom to save Mr. D's life.

When Mr. D. finally admits his feelings toward Jollae, her shyness around him somewhat decreases, and she admits her feelings as well, although Mr. D. knew all along.

Jollae, along with Sparky and Ad Jasont, are knocked unconscious prior to the battle with Tyler Irwin, much to Mr. D's dismay.