The Level 3 Finale is the area of the game in which Solvice encounters the riddle trolls and the trivia trolls. After Solvice discovers that the library is locked, he is told by Agent Brady that his distant cousin Sparrow Trunk, who works in the library and now resides in a "place where it snows incessantly" all the time, should have the key to the library. Solvice then sets off to Level 3 in order to find Sparrow Trunk, who is trapped at the end of a winding maze filled with trolls.

Sparrow Trunk then reveals that he no longer has the key, and that someone has taken it from him. Solvice assumes it is Luno, but Sparrow Trunk says otherwise. As he is about to alert Solvice to who it is, he is killed by a lightning strike from an unknown source.