Level 4 is the forth level of T.T.F.N. 2. 

Its unique property is that, through the course of the level, the player collects candy to complete the level, and cannot consume them or the level will be failed. The candy will also give the player a game over outside of the level. It also has several rooms the player can explore to find it.

This level takes place on October 31, 1998.

At the end of the level, instead of fighting Luno, Solvice stumbles upon Luno's Failsafe. Solvice takes the failsafe with him, and uses it to return to his house, where he stays and searches for Luno for 4 years. Luno finally makes his presence known, by creating Level 5 outside of Solvice's agency, the B.P.D.V.G.O.


  • The time gap between Level 4 and Level 5 is the longest in the game, with Level 4 taking place on October 31, 1998 and Level 5 taking place on June 22, 2002, over 3 years after Level 4.
  • Level 4's gaps between levels are longer than the rest in the game, with the gap between Level 3 and 4 (December 24-25, 1997 - October 31-November 1, 1998) being 11 months long, whereas Levels 1-3 take place entirely in the Summer through the Winter of 1997.