The Level 4 Finale is the version of Level 4 that appears in the Final Chapter (?) of T.T.F.N. 2. It begins directly after the Level 3 Finale with Solvice walking to the door to the Agency, only to have Agent Jay stop him at the door and direct him to Level 4, where it is revealed that Thorgred has wrought havoc upon the town over the past years. The trees are overgrown, and The King's Pub is closed (although the player cannot normally see this.) Solvice may interact with almost everything in the area.

It begins with gunshots being heard in the distance. When Solvice gets to where Thorgred is, it is revealed that Thorgred has murdered three of Solvice's agents: Agent Jay, Agent Brady, and Agent Ancona. Solvice battles Thorgred, and ends up shooting Thorgred in the scrotum. Thorgred then reveals that he only killed the agents to get Solvice's attention, and gives him the key to the library, which he somehow came to possess.