Super Crystal Hunt II (Alternatively Super Crystal Hunt 2D 2014) was a prototype tech-demo-esque game, a sequel to Super Crystal Hunt 2D 2013, based on the T.T.F.N. 2 version of the RGSS3 engine, but was recently ported to the RPG Maker MV engine. It'll (hopefully) have a new UI (different from the Final Fantasy-esque default RMMVone), custom scripts, etc.

Super Crystal Hunt II will be a story based game about a poor kid trying to support his family in a town called Frait. (Although the story is not set in stone. The story isn't important.)

When a mysterious evil force descends and loses its powerful crystals, it is up to Kid to collect all of them in order to (unknowingly) defeat him. The game entails his journey through various worlds, as he attempts to rid it of the evil power. As the levels progress, the crystals are worth more. There are different colored crystals, all of which do different things.

The making of this game is focused on developing a team.

  • Blue Crystals (Common): 2 crystals (Frait), 4 crystals (Undefined Level 2) 8 crystals (Undefined Level 3) (There will be items that change the amount of crystals you can get from Blue Crystals. However, they will not be multipliers, so they should be used with care.)
  • Red Crystals (Common): Random effect. Can award you items or take away crystals. It's a game of chance to choose to collect one.
  • Black Crystals (Common): Take away between 0 - 50 crystals (multiplied in later levels).
  • Purple Crystals (Uncommon): Random number of crystals from 1 to 100,000. 
  • Gold Crystals (Extremely rare): 1,000,000 crystals. Usually well hidden in levels. One per level after Frait.
  • Green Crystals (Unbelievably rare): Multiply crystal count by 2. One every few levels. Almost impossible to obtain.

The game, started on April 15, 2014, may or may not ever be released.  

Planned new scripting (Some custom, some not):

  • New pause menu, removal of old one. The new one will be a simple Crystal count and the options to Save and Return to Menu, Save and Quit, or just Quit.
  • Common events that are always running that will add items based on crystal count. (Every one to two million crystals)
  • Instead of a separate save, Autosave should save to the first save slot, after prompting whether it is OK to do so (T.T.F.N. 2 didn't need that feature, as it autosaved after every win condition, during which time the autosave prompt would become annoying) and should NOT remove itself after creating a new game (This was a feature that I couldn't figure out how to remove from T.T.F.N. 2 and became a nuisance whenever I wanted to test a new section of the game without removing my savegame) <<-That actually clears that problem up rather nicely.
  • MAYBE an achievement system/quest tracking system
  • - Terrain tags (if they don't mess up crystal collection) (for secret areas)