Original VGC2

The Great Tyler Irwin would've been the last encounter in the Dreadfully Dry Desert cave as well as the most difficult to defeat. He follows The Extraordinary Dusk Boshi and The Sluggish Mandy. His name derives from a great real-life friend of the creator, and also his Steam name. Odessa and EnCLaVe would have to brave Tyler Irwin's mind in order to bring out his powers.

Codename: Video Game Caper

Tyler Irwin will appear in C:VGC in a very similar way to that which he appeared in the original Video Game Caper 2, and will be exactly the same as the plans for the first remake of Video Game Caper. Tyler Irwin will appear in a cave with only Dr. Dusk Boshi, who, with his brain scanning device, has discovered that Tyler Irwin has great power that has yet to be revealed. Dr. Dusk Boshi convinces the party to split up into Tyler Irwin's unconscious mind to try to bring Tyler Irwin's powers out, and in exchange, he will enhance the party's abilities, (although Scarlet will decline.)

Odessa and EnCLaVe will make it to King Tyler Irwin in Tyler Irwin's mind, who they discover has been suppressing Tyler Irwin's powers so that he can rule over the Brainites in Tyler Irwin's mind. Odessa and EnCLaVe are forced to fight King Tyler Irwin. Once defeated, King Tyler Irwin releases Tyler Irwin's powers, turning Tyler Irwin into a god. 

Dr. Dusk Boshi then becomes a valuable ally, (and both become party members in Codename: VGC2)